What's your purpose today?

mindfulness. A practice of recognizing all that surrounds us. Sounds, light, images, staying alert and able to experience what is happening right now.

Seems easy but in this world of distractions it's challenging to stay focused in each moment long enough to recognize what's under our feet, within hearing distance, in our site lines and on our tongues.

To help strengthen awareness I light a candle. I prefer striking a match to flicking a lighter. Something about the scratchy strip of roughness against the round tip of the match is so satisfying as it suddenly bursts into flame.

In that moment the flame meeting cotton wick becomes everything. As the flickering fire envelopes the wick I rejoice as it catches the flame and for a moment the match and wick join forces and the flame reaches its highest potential only to settle down to a soft amber glow as the match is pulled away.

I call my candles objects with purpose because they are a simple reminder to pay attention to a moment, focus on a small and meaningful task while experiencing the possibilities that come from wishing on a flame. 

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