Your Scent Story


 Scent is   the only   sense   hardwired to   our   brains.   Scent is   the   greatest   connector  to   memory.   Have   you   ever   walked   into   someone'  s home   and recognize the fragrance notes as a vivid comforting memory? 

We've all walked passed those stores (that shall remain nameless), that pump out a loud fragrance to remind us who they are. It either makes you run or beckons you in.  

Have you ever thought about the power of having your own signature scent? the fragrance that reminds your clients and customers who you are is a beautiful tool for staying top of mind and nose. 

Ianthe utilizes the library of scents and experiences that live in her mind to create your signature scent. The process takes approximately 2 months. The memories and impressions your fragrance will create lasts a lifetime. 

If this is calling to you, email Ianthe: