candle makers 4 week course

candle makers 4 week course

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Are you launching a candle business form home and need support? Do you have questions about what to do first, next and last and just aren't sure who to ask? Are you feeling isolated as a budding entrepreneur and crave the support of other makers? Do you wish there was a fairy godmother of candles to conjure when you're stuck?

This 4 week course is for you!

Ianthe is the candle business fairy godmother.

Once a week, for 4 consecutive weeks, she takes out her magic wand and waves it over aspects of the candle business to illuminate what you need. 

Topics like:

fragrance creation and selection

pricing your goods

all things wholesale

how to market (branding, copy writing, social media, newsletters)

BONUS: The first 10 people to sign up receive the mood board workshop with Ianthe for FREE!

a $300 value.

*Classes meet on zoom every week at 12 pacific/3 eastern starting March 2021. Day TBD